Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween at Grandma's

Sweet Iris!

Riley the Ballerina!

Twink Claire

Cute Little Twink with her mom.

The Aftermath!

I was tending Iris and Riley while Eric worked and Catherine tries to recover from the flu - yes the doctor says it's the swine flu. Iris is a one-girl wrecking crew as is evidenced by the family room after her departure. Gotta love a one year old! Not only did she pull everything off the shelves, she took all the videos out of their boxes as well. One might ask what I was doing - just watching The Rescuers with Riley.

The year in review - Part 1

Saying goodbye to old friends!

I couldn't believe it when my tongs fell apart right in the middle of frying tortillas - and after only 30 years!

Off to Kidney Kars for the Buick!

Eric's annual birthday dinner at Fuddruckers! Oh! Where is the birthday boy?

Being a Grandma is the best. Baby Claire's arrival day was January 24, 2009.

Grandpa Bartlett's 93rd Birthday party in March. Here he is with Reed, Robert and Ruth.

Riley hunting for Easter eggs in my backyard.

Stephanie's birthday in April. Flowers from her dad!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Okay, It's time to pull out the flowers

So the flowers are really dead now, and it took me two hours to shovel yesterday. Thankfully I am out of school for two weeks and looking forward to Christmas on Thursday. We had our family Christmas party on Sunday. All were conscripted to participate in the Nativity pageant. Eric told me we needed to have a pageant for Riley. He won't admit it though. Scott narrated, while the others acted the parts. This needs a bit of perfecting. Santa's elves are busily finishing up a few projects and hope to have them completed on time. We will have brunch on Thursday - ham, potatoes and the trimmings. I'm used to eating lunch at 11:00 a.m. so it works for me. Here are a few lovely shots from Thanksgiving at Sheri's. We had a great time with Dad and Marilyn and Gerry here as well as the regulars.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Life in the Crazy Zone

So, summer is gone. My life is officially crazy. I have a new grandaughter, baby Iris, born the first day of school. School is in full swing, with only 3 weeks until the end of the quarter. It took 2 hours and a full greenwaste can to mow the lawn Thursday night. The tomatoes are pulled out of the garden. Stephanie spent 1 hour on the roof with the garden hose cleaning the roofing debris from the rain gutter downspouts. I threatened to do it, but she wouldn't let me. I wonder why? It's snowing outside. I am not pulling up the flowers until they are frozen solid, maybe sometime in December. Next week is Fall Recess, aka UEA. I am hitching a ride with Stephanie and her friends to what we hope is sunny CA to visit Dad, and go see Wicked. How fun is that! The really bright spot? My grandaughters, of course! Riley and baby Iris!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Family Fun

I love spending time with my family.